I fell in love with another man

I remember walking down the aisle towards my husband to be. What was only a few feet away seemed like the longest walk ever as I was filled with nervousness.  Forgetting to breathe I looked ahead at him as the look in his face was mesmerized at the woman walking down the aisle. He was marrying his dream girl and I was marrying my King. He is the man who was my answered prayer and made me feel and believe in a love that could last a lifetime.

Fast forward to now. As our anniversary draws closer I started to reminisce about our time together. We’ve shared so many good times, and we’ve also had our fair share of tough times. I started thinking of the things that we used to do. There were so many enjoyable things we did in the past that I realized we no longer do. The more I thought about all the things that we used to do my perception towards my husband began to change.

In Proverbs 4:23 it says “More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.”

One of the most dangerous phrases in a relationship is “used to”. Your thoughts play a key role in your relationship. If the enemy can get you to think negative thoughts towards your spouse he knows that it can change the way you see them. Instead of feeling head over heels for your mate, you become frustrated, irritated, or even disgusted by them. There has been such a big attack on marriages. An attack to break up marriages, to cause division, and strife towards each other which is contrary to the way God has intended marriages to be.

As I prayed for God to strengthen marriages everywhere I also felt the need to pray specifically for my own marriage. One of the things I prayed was for God to show me new ways to love my husband. For many, it seems like the longer you’re married the less interested you become. The more that “honeymoon phase” seems like a distant memory. I believe that as each day passes your love for one another should become stronger and deeper. We must remember that challenges and struggles are meant to strengthen your relationship.

“You have to see your spouse how I see him. No matter what disagreements come, no matter if you’re going through hard times, continue to see him how I see him.” – God

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things have become new. I realized that the man I married was not the same man today. As his relationship with God got deeper his thoughts started to change. How he handled situations, his struggles, and reactions changed. Even his prayers changed. In reality, I changed as well. I heard the saying, that as you each pursue God he brings your marriage closer. I definitely agree. I began to look up scriptures, and speak them over my marriage. Any past mistakes were left in the past. I stopped allowing myself to remind him of any old mistakes. I knew that I had the power to build him up or to tear him down. The closer I got to God the more I started to see my husband how God saw him. The more I cherished and appreciated him. I felt blessed that God had chosen me to love and take care of one of his prized possessions.

You have to fight for your marriage. When the enemy tries to interfere you have to speak the word of God over your marriage. Pray and cover your marriage. Whatever has happened in the past… (I repeat) Whatever has happened in the past, FORGIVE your spouse, and let it go. Believe that God is changing some things within them so any past mistakes don’t bring them into your future. See your spouse how God sees them.

Stay Blessed, Subscribe, and Stay in Christ!


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